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The place where it is easy to speak to the people you like.
It’s the quality of your friendships that matter, not the quantity.

speakeazy will put you in a position to build social currency and extend and improve the quality of your life.

SAFETY: Imagine if when you went on social media you felt safe. I mean really felt safe. Well, now you can.

A place where people form a lifelong connection, supporting each other through good and bad

Some of the best features

Humans need a social support group for their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. In fact, studies have shown that individuals with no social support networks experience higher levels of stress hormones which can lead to a higher risk of health conditions such as heart disease and impaired immune function.

Relationships require time and effort but life gets busy and filled with many distractions. We know your relationships are important to you so speakeazy is here to help protect your social support group with the INACTIVE USER ALERT feature. If anyone has been inactive for seven days, we will let you know. Only speakeazy gives you the ability to provide support to your friends, get you support from your friends or simply nurture your relationships effortlessly.

Create the online culture that you truly want. Form groups for your different social support networks of family and friends. Choose the people you like and want to truly be authentic with. A sense of belonging is a basic need for every human being. Not only is speakeazy here to help provide a safe and nurturing social support space for you, we have also helped you and your loved ones be more prepared for times when one of you may need an extra dose of love and support.

With the NOMINATION feature, anyone can nominate another group member or nominate themselves for support with the click of a button. Upon nomination, a special ringtone will alert the other group members to respond. Only speakeazy gives you the ability to provide support to your friends or get support for yourself with just a click.

Know that you are in charge of your information. We will never sell your information. Your data is protected by end to end encryption. All data is erased after 48 hours from your group texts, direct messages and library wall.

Enjoy your social time online with the support of friends. Members have the ability to communicate with their friends and support systems through group video message, direct message and post to the library to share positive content with your favorite people.



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